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The blitz dependency also automatically installs and configures jest, @testing-library/react, @testing-library/react-hooks, and @testing-libary/jest-dom for you.


Jest is a delightful testing framework that's simple to use. To run tests in your app, you will run jest or jest --watch from the terminal.

To make a new test, make a file named something.test.ts (or .js, .tsx, etc). Here's an example:

import something from "./somewhere"

it("does something", () => {
  const result = something()

For more details on using Jest, read the Jest documentation

Jest Config

Blitz provides a Jest preset that configures lots of complex things for you, including Typescript support.

If you need to customize the jest config, you can do so in jest.config.js.

// jest.config.js
module.exports = {
  preset: "blitz",

Client vs Server Environments

The following test files will run in the Jest server environment:

  • *.test.* files inside an api, queries, or mutations folder
  • *.server.test.* files

All other files will run in the Jest client environment (with jsdom).


@testing-library is family of packages helps you test UI components in a user-centric way. It's a better alternative to Enzyme, if you've used that in the past.

The following packages are installed for you. Refer to their documentation as needed.

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