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blitz install

Alias: blitz i

Use this command to install a Blitz Recipe into your project.

Supports both official recipes and custom third-party recipes. Recipe names can be specified in any of the following formats:

  • blitz install select and install from the list of official Blitz recipes

  • blitz install official-recipe for an official recipe from the Blitz team

  • blitz install ./recipes/my-local-recipes.ts for a locally-authored recipe

  • blitz install github-user/my-published-recipe for a custom recipe hosted on GitHub

Also, you can pass arguments to recipe itself in the form of key=value (if it accept them):

$ blitz install my-recipe key=value

For more information about recipes, see the official docs for installing recipes and writing your own.

nameNoThe name of the recipe to install, a path to a local recipe, or a GitHub repository name


--yes-yInstall the recipe automatically without user confirmation.false
--env-eSet app environment name. Read more.None

Example Output

> blitz install
? Select a recipe to install …
❯ base-web
### and more
> blitz install tailwind

✅ Installed 2 dependencies
✅ Successfully created postcss.config.js, tailwind.config.js
✅ Successfully created app/styles/button.css, app/styles/index.css
✅ Modified 1 file: app/pages/_app.tsx

🎉 The recipe for Tailwind CSS completed successfully! Its functionality is now fully configured in your Blitz app.

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