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You can configure certain RPC aspects within your next.config.js file inside the blitz property.

Changing resolverPath option

To change how every file path is resolved, you can set the resolverPath option inside next.config.js.

module.exports = withBlitz({
  blitz: {
    resolverPath: "queries|mutations",

// Or with a custom function
module.exports = withBlitz({
  blitz: {
    resolverPath: (filePath) => {
      return filePath.replace("app/", "") // Removes `app/` from the path

There are three options to determine how the RPC path is resolved during build.

  • queries|mutations (default)
    • Use the queries or mutations folder as the root
  • root
    • Uses the path starting from the root of the project
  • Custom function
    • This function gets called for every file path that needs to be resolved.

Example output:

File: src/products/queries/getProduct.ts
"queries|mutations" URL: /api/rpc/getProduct
"root" URL: src/products/queries/getProduct

File: src/products/mutations/createProduct.ts
"queries|mutations" URL: /api/rpc/createProduct
"root" URL: src/products/mutations/createProduct

File: src/products/mutations/v2/createProduct.ts
"queries|mutations" URL: /api/rpc/v2/createProduct
"root" URL: src/products/mutations/v2/createProduct

Resolvers in a separate folder

Inside the blitz property add the param includeRPCFolders as an array of relative path folders from your Blitz root folder. For example:

module.exports = withBlitz({
  blitz: {
    includeRPCFolders: ["../../<YOUR DIRECTORY PATH>"],

Your resolvers still need to be placed in queries or mutations folders.

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