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blitz new

Generates a new Blitz project in the current directory. You can choose between a full Blitz project and a minimal project. The former includes a database setup, authentication, and all of the other configuration that makes Blitz's magic work. The minimal template is a bare Blitz project with a minimum set of dependecies. It has no database or auth included. Both templates will include basic scaffolding for a landing page.

blitz new [name]
nameYesThe project name. Will be used in initial project scaffolding

Note: blitz new . will set the project name to the current directory's name.


--templateLets you choose a project's template. If omittied, it shows a prompt to choose the template. Options: full, minimal.None
--languageA new project's language. If omittied, it shows a prompt to choose the language. Options: typescript, javascript.None
--dry-run-dDisplays what files would be generated but does not write the files to disk.false
--no-gitSkips git repository creation.false
--skip-upgradeSkip blitz upgrade if outdated.false
--formA form library for the full project. If omitted, it shows a prompt to choose the library. Options: react-final-form, react-hook-form, formik.None
--yarnUse yarn as the package manager.false
--npmUse npm as the package manager.false
--pnpmUse pnpm as the package manager.false
--env-eSet app environment name. Read more.None


blitz new task-manager
blitz new task-manager --npm
blitz new landing-page --template=minimal

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