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Database Seeds


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By default, Blitz has a db/seeds.ts, where you can add test data to quickly seed your environment.

This is useful for rebuilding your DB after you messed it up or simply when it's full of old test data. Good seeds can also make onboarding new people to the project a lot friendlier (no more, go to this page and create a new user, then create some tasks for them but make sure to create at least one project...). Only requirement is that this file makes a default export.


  1. Let's say this is your example db/schema.prisma:
model Project {
  id        Int      @default(autoincrement()) @id
  name      String
  tasks     Task[]

model Task {
  id          Int      @default(autoincrement()) @id
  name        String
  project     Project  @relation(fields: [projectId], references: [id])
  projectId   Int
  1. Add db/seeds.ts
import db from "./index"

const seed = async () => {
  const project = await db.project.create({ data: { name: "FooBar" } })

  for (let i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
    await db.task.create({
      data: {
        name: `Task: ${i}`,
        project: {
          connect: {
            id: project.id,

export default seed
  1. Now simply run blitz db seed and you're done. You should be all set with fresh new data in your database.

TIP: Use a library like chance or faker to have more realistic data (names, addresses, emails, places, dates, even lorem ipsusm)

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