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Deploy to a Server on Qovery

Qovery is a fully-managed cloud platform that runs on your AWS, GCP, Azure and Digital Ocean account where you can host static sites, backend APIs, databases, cron jobs, and all your other apps in one place.

  1. Visit the Qovery dashboard to create an account if you don't already have one.
  2. Click on "Create a new project" and give a name to your project.
  3. Click on "Create an application" then choose "I have an application" and select your GitHub or GitLab repository where your Blitz app is located.
  4. Select "PostgreSQL" as a service.
  5. Select a version and give a name to your database.
  6. Click on "Deploy".
  7. Click on "master" environment then "blitz" application and "Environment Variables" tab.
  8. Click "Add", enter SESSION_SECRET_KEY as the name, then click on "Save all".

In your Blitz application:

  1. Configure the application to use postgres instead of the default sqlite by following the “Switch to PostgreSQL” guide.
  2. In your package.json add a start:production and an build command. We'll call the start script in the Procfile below. And Heroku will run the build script for you on deploy.
"scripts": {
+ "start:production": "blitz start --port $PORT",
+ "build": "blitz build"
  1. Create a Procfile file inside the root of your project with the following content.
release: npx blitz prisma migrate deploy
web: npm run start:production


Chat with Qovery developers on Discord if you need help.

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