🚀Announcing Flightcontrol - Easily Deploy Blitz.js and Next.js to AWS 🚀
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Deploy with Flightcontrol

Flightcontrol makes it extremely simple to deploy anything directly to AWS. But rest assured, it handles ALL the AWS setup and management for you.

The benefit of this approach vs something like Heroku is that you now have full ownership over everything. So should the need arise, you can pop the hood to inspect and tweak anything.

You also get higher security and scalability by using AWS without a platform abstraction getting in the way.

Setup Steps

  1. Create a Flighcontrol account
  2. Start by selecting your repo on flightcontrol.dev/projects/new/1Screenshot
  3. Then click the "Blitz.js" presetScreenshot
  4. Adjust any settings as needed
  5. Add any environment variables
  6. Click "Create Project"

If you need any help, join the Flightcontrol discord and the founders will help as much as you need.

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