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Future of Blitz


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Blitz will be pivoting to a framework agnostic toolkit that preserves the world-class DX and features we adore but brings it to all Next.js users and optionally Remix, SvelteKit, Nuxt, etc.

Your existing Blitz apps will continue to run, and we will fix any critical bugs that come up. The current Blitz codebase will remain. It may move to a different repo, but it will be preserved and we can continue to make releases as needed. We'll strive to make the migration to the Blitz toolkit as seamless as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will this migration force me to do a lot of work?

Nope - we are working to make the new setup as close as possible to the current setup. For any changes required, we will have a codemod that will automate all, or almost all, of any changes required. The effort on your part should be minimal.

2. I'm looking to start a new app, is it safe to start with Blitz?

Yes, for sure you can start new Blitz apps. Nothing has changed with the current framework, and the future migration will be seamless. The productivity boost from Blitz will put you way ahead of manually sourcing your own Next.js stack from scratch, even with the coming migration.

3. My app is almost ready for production, do I need to rewrite it?

No! Go ahead and ship your Blitz app to production with confidence. We'll continue to fix any significant bugs.

Pivot Objectives

  • Preserve the DX and features we currently have
  • Make it effortless for millions more of developers to benefit from Blitz
  • Decouple Blitz from any specific framework
  • Enable us to ship features significant faster without the burden maintaining the Next.js fork

Blitz toolkit will be meant for building anything with a database, from side projects to massive enterprise apps. It will both enhance fullstack DX and provide the missing backend components for JS that Rails and Laravel enjoy.


We believe the core value that Blitz currently provides is:

  1. The zero-api data layer
  2. Authentication
  3. Authorization
  4. Conventions
  5. New app templates & code scaffolding

A new toolkit would start with these as the foundation. We think almost everything Blitz currently adds would be migrated to the toolkit including recipes, typesafe Routes manifest, etc. Then we’d start shipping a ton more awesome things.

Further reading

For more details check out the Blitz Pivot RFC. It goes into detail on why this is happening. It includes an outline of the toolkit, and a list of the features we’d like to add.

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