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SecurePassword is a convenience wrapper around secure-password to provide a nice way to hash passwords and verify password hashes.

import {SecurePassword} from "blitz"
await SecurePassword.hash(password)
await SecurePassword.verify(passwordHash, password)

SecurePassword.hash(password: string) => Promise<string

This is used when a user sets a new password.

It takes a password string and returns a secure hash for storing in your database.

SecurePassword.verify(passwordHash: string, password: string) => Promise<ResultCode>

This is used when a user logs in to verify they used the correct password.

It takes a password hash from your database and the given password. It will verify the given password is correct and return a result code, or if incorrect, it will throw


Result Codes


The password was verified and is valid


The password was verified and is valid, but needs to be rehashed with new parameters


Size of the

hash Buffer returned by hash and hashSync and used by verify and verifySync.

Example Usage

import {SecurePassword, AuthenticationError} from "blitz"
import db from "db"
export const authenticateUser = async (email: string, password: string) => {
const user = await db.user.findFirst({where: {email}})
if (!user) throw new AuthenticationError()
const result = await SecurePassword.verify(user.hashedPassword, password)
if (result === SecurePassword.VALID_NEEDS_REHASH) {
// Upgrade hashed password with a more secure hash
const improvedHash = await SecurePassword.hash(password)
await db.user.update({where: {id:}, data: {hashedPassword: improvedHash}})
const {hashedPassword,} = user
return rest
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